So you’re here.  

Cool! Thanks for checking out my website and learning about the services that I offer. I assist tech companies, entrepreneurs and startups with defining and executing their product management & development strategies through

  • Competitive market analysis
  • Customer research
  • User need identification
  • User journey mapping and user empathy analysis
  • User story writing
  • MVP characterization
  • Recruiting the team
  • Training & setup on communication & collaboration tools
  • Agile software project management of features
  • Data gathering and metrics development
  • Lean software development
  • AARRR, HEART and other metrics analytics
  • Product road map creation
  • Product launch & shipment

Taking an idea and bringing it to life is difficult and needs careful planning and understanding of the tech space. I can provide you with a full product management strategy from inception to shipment of your product.

Check out my portfolio to see the track record of products that I worked on.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Instagram. Feel free to email me or schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me to discuss your product pain points or goals.