Crossing the Chasm – Chapter 1

There is this book in the school of Product Management (PM) that everyone either talks about or has heard of. The instructor at my PM course went as far as suggesting that without reading this book, one should not consider her/himself a product manager. That’s a pretty serious claim if you ask me.

As it turns out, it’s very informative and I figured I might as well share my learnings by summarizing the chapters in my blog.

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5 Predictions About the Future of Virtual Reality

Last weekend, I almost hit a developer’s face while playing my first virtual reality (VR) game at the CVR 2017. This is the largest VR expo in Canada where the newest virtual and augmented (AR) technologies are showcased to the enthusiasts. Needless to say that it was amazing to observe so many creators, developers and innovators in a brand-new field of technology. As inspired as I was, I thought to myself: “this can…

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